Getting Things Ready

Starting this blog is something I had in mind since a very, very long time and I’m really happy that’s finally ready.

It required me a lot of preparation because I set various requirements to accomplish before starting.
I decided to create a complete inventory of my retro hardware collection, this means register every single CPU, mainboard, video card and RAM module of the hundreds I have.
Now that’s done, I can focus on projects and avoid loosing infinite amount of time digging in boxes and messing around to find a specific component or check if I have it, because another problem when you have so much stuff is that you simply forget what you exactly have around.

I also wanted to define a manageable way (and place) to store everything, process “new arrivals” but also decide which web tech use to publish the contents and implement a proper process to do it in an optimal way. A lot of things indeed.

So what this site will be about? It will be a place where I do all my experiments and tests with various pieces of hardware but also where I will build systems from different computing eras to revisit games, applications and technologies.

If you like this kind of things stick around and see you soon!